Fetish Donjon Labs

The Fetish Donjon Labs is an alternative community offering Fetish BDSM activities in a unique setting near the sea in the Landes (South-West of France).

Located in the heart of nature, away from prying eyes, the setting FDL - Fetish Donjon Labs welcomes you for an afternoon, an evening or an unforgettable stay near Mimizan.

One hour from Bordeaux, on a private property of 5000m2 in the woods: Pool, Bar, Restaurant, Creative Workshops ( Furniture Creation, Bondage aKademy...) and Accommodations.

On the ground floor: the restaurant, a cozy lounge with open fireplace, bar and bedrooms.

On the floor of the house: The Fetish BDSM Dungeon for the most players: a dungeon fully equipped with our furniture for your most Fetish BDSM games!

The cities close to the FDL are : Hossegor, Mont-de-Marsan, Pau, Dax, Biarritz, Parentis-en-Born, Mimizan, Biscarosse, Arcachon, Bordeaux, Toulouse ...